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Add amazing content in no time, thru one seamless user interface, with quick phrases, voice notes, emoticons, photos and camera rolls, maps, and links.
Share thru the app, email or Facebook. Or your content stays on your device.
Find the content you want by keywords, emoticons, favorites, or calendar.
Enjoy group chat with dynamic grouping and histories in perspective.
Switch among group chats and know whom you're talking to.
Track your ideas by nine folders with easy posting. Send your tracks to friends or registered devices.
Use the emoticons to make subfolders.
Tap the badges to get new chats and tracks.
Browse to-do lists by due date; get reminder notifications even when you're not in the app or Wi-Fi.
Repeating reminders will be updated regularly onto Open Reminders list.
Sync with your address book to share with your friends right away.
Select a font size for your content.
Set your preferences on privacy.


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